I  came across the story of Ryan White (popularly referred to as the “Poster Child for AIDS”); a really inspiring story about why HIV/AIDS education remains a critical factor in reversing the pandemic and eliminating stigma. 

I will share the story of Ryan White in a later post , but today i want to share a quote from a speech  a former President of the USA (Ronald Reagan) made after Ryan White passed on from AIDS related complications. 

The quote summarizes the need for a concerted and collective effort in addressing stigmatization and discrimination issues surrounding HIV/AIDS if we must win the war against the disease. 


We owe it to Ryan to make sure that the fear and ignorance that chased him from his home and his school will be eliminated. We owe it to Ryan to open our hearts and our minds to those with AIDS. We owe it to Ryan to be compassionate, caring and tolerant toward those with AIDS, their families and friends. It’s the disease that’s frightening, not the people who have it.”

—Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, April 11, 1990[33]
Regardless of your HIV status (+; -) , we all have a responsibility in ensuring that the rights and dignity of persons living with HIV/AIDS are protected.

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