The entire HIV/AIDS global research and advocates community was thrown into deep mourning and shock , when news filtered in that some of the worlds leading HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates were among the victims of the Malaysian Airline (MH17), which was shot down on the 17th of July 2014; in what can be described as one of the most tragic air mishaps of our time.

These advocates and researchers who were committed to creating an AIDS free generation, where on their way to attend the International AIDS Conference which kicks off on the 20th of July, when they met their untimely and painfully tragic deaths. Men and women committed to a cause died in the line of duty , trying to make a change that the global community needs with respect to HIV/AIDS.

Our hearts certainly go out to the families of  not just these brilliant HIV/AIDS activists, but also to every single soul that the world lost on that fateful day. …..Please find below excerpts from a glowing tribute by AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s President (Micheal Weinstein) summing up succinctly how the lives and works of these great researchers will forever be etched in the fight against HIV/AIDS…..

More than 100 of our comrades in arms in the war against AIDS died on the  battlefield yesterday. They died in the service of humanity at the hands of barbarians. It is impossible to express the totality of our sadness and outrage. 

Those of us who travel the world know that we could have been on that plane. We have chosen to take these risks. Yet, others of our co- workers live in dangerous places where they and their families are in danger every day. Plus, so many of our patients live at the edge of survival…..

This is a moment for quiet reflection on the meaning of our lives and that of our loved ones. Now is also a time to renew our commitment to humanity. We honor the dead best by continuing to fight for the living and truly appreciating one another” Michael Weinstein

Some advocates we lost below:

Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas

jOEP 1

Dr. Joep Lange

 There is no doubt that the global HIV/AIDS response will be affected  heavily by the loss of these brilliant minds, but we are more than motivated by their deaths to keep striving for an AIDS free Generation.

We are committed to ensuring that their contributions and years of service will not be in vain.

Rest in Peace Comrades!!!



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