Eliminating Mother-To-Child Transmission is possible…..

Nigeria accounts for about 22% of mother-to-child transmission of HIV cases in the world and about 90% of  HIV infections in infants and children globally is passed on by their mothers during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding.

However, despite the alarming statistics preventing mother-to-child transmission is possible through life saving ARVs and Nigeria is committed to eliminating mother-to-child transmissions , through numerous initiatives.  We need to encourage every pregnant woman to seek HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) in the nearest health facility.

This singular act, has a tremendous potential of reducing HIV infections among infants and children and ultimately aiding the elimination of mother-to-child transmission globally.

Doris is HIV+ but because she had access to treatment, her son Michael was born HIV free. (Photo courtesy of RED)

EMTCT(Photo courtesy of RED)

We all have a role to play!



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